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Meet The 2 Weirdos Behind Job Killing

guys behind jobkilling

Job assassin juggernauts.  Virtual vigilantes.  Mediocrity murderers.  Status quo slaughterers.

We’ve been called worse.

Brad here.  I’ll go first.  I was a pharmacist, believe it or not.  After a few short months of pill pushing, I came to the profound realization: “Damn, this sucks.”

So I ventured online to do what every other psychologically unemployable twenty-something-year-old would do: Google ways to make money from home.

And whaddya know, I found plenty.  Tried most of ’em.  Failed hard.  Wasted so much time and money it wasn’t funny.

But eventually my obsession with “being free” paid off.

I learned how to make ugly blogs (like this one), write helpful, entertaining content, and recommend products and services I loved for a commission.

It was slow-going, but finally, at 31 years young, I kicked normalcy in the nuts, gave freedom a fist bump and retired from pharmacy.

Eminem Discovers 50 Cent

Contrary to popular belief, I did not find him in the club.

I was doing pretty well for myself when I first bumped into Dan online.

After getting the old heave-ho from the dealership he sold cars at, Dan started doing web stuff for local businesses in his town.  Setting up websites, getting those websites seen, and ultimately, spiking sales.

I was like, “Compared to what I’m doing over here, this is a crip walk cakewalk.”

His process was fish sticks.  The model was tartar sauce.

A collaboration was cooking.

We teamed up, then tore it up from the floor up, changing the lives of dozens of grateful small business owners.

Today, together, we’re here to show you what we know.

Introducing: Job Killing

Your metaphorical sanity condom, we’re gonna keep you from going crazy in that cubicle, cupcake.

But Why Share This With Anyone Else?

If it works so well, why not keep it to yourselves?

Valid question, Mr. Cynic.

Here’s why: two reasons.  1, money.  2, opportunity.

The second makes the first okay.  I’ll explain.  So, yes, you bet that booty we’re doing this to make money.  As much as possible.  BUT!  This space is wide open.

It’s the only internet business that’s not saturated.

How’s that?  Well, there are thousands of types of local businesses… multiplied by tens of thousands of cities worldwide… which equals many many millions of ways to take what we’re teaching and monetize it.

And since competition locally is limited by the number of businesses in that niche… and they don’t know squat about all this tech stuff… it’s absurd how easy it is to come in and dominate.  Especially when you’ve got an unfair advantage like Job Killing.

Basically, we’re double dipping.

We’re doing it.  And teaching it.  And it works for average, everyday people, as we continue to prove on a daily basis.  Otherwise we wouldn’t sell it.

So no.  We’re not geniuses.  Or saints.  I’ll spare you the “we just wanna give back” bullshit.  We don’t.

We’re gonna profit off what we know for as long as our students are getting results.

And then, when the day comes that this too starts to feel crowded?  We’ll shut it down and carry on, doing the same shit that made Dan and I and countless students jobless and happier than a two-peckered puppy… and you’ll probably never hear from us again.

So do me a favor.  Slip your skepticism a Xanax, tell it, “Bitch, be cool!” and at least opt-in here to watch a free one-hour presentation by yours truly.

I’ll show you click-by-click how to build your first “website rental property” today.

It’s straight-up popsicles and baby giggles, so hop on it.